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Important Key Dongle Information

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:43 am
by Jim Diebolt
For all of you that have concerns about your key dongle going forward please read this information carefully.

Many users have contacted me about their key information going forward. Now that Planit/Vero is no longer supporting their software the same will go for your key.

Here is a company that can help you with your key going forward

Here is a link to their "key" reading utility

Download it to your desktop, double click on the icon and fill in a name in the "File" window and click on "Save".

Please use the key reading utility for your key and save it just in case your key is lost, stolen or damaged. If that happens you will already have the information for SafeKey to help you out.

Here is a link to step by step instructions on doing this: ... nIzb3U5OE0

I have had them copy my key and it works just the same as with the key in the USB port.

With this solution you will not need your key in the USB port and can keep it in a safe place. No more worries about breaking the key when it is in your computer especially when putting it in your laptop bag.

This service is for legaly owned software only

Key Date Reader Program App

PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 6:55 am
by Jim Diebolt
Below is a link to a simple app that will read your key for the expire date ... UIxclBSbEE

Download this to your desktop and double click on it

Depending on what version of Windows and your antivirus program you have you may get a warning about this program being unsafe to run.

Go ahead and verify that the program is safe and you do want to run it

It will open a dos window like the link below but without the codes inserted ... FhUdkpfcVE

Use all CAPS and type in the first set of 8 codes and hit ENTER

If you make a mistake typing you can use the Backspace key

Type in the next set of 8 codes and hit ENTER

Type in the final set of 8 codes and hit ENTER

It will show your expire date or "No Cut Off Date"

Hit any key to exit the program.

If you have any problems just contact me and I will help you out

If you want to know what programs of Planit Software your key will run contact me and I will let you know what info I need to run another program for that.