Backup Service Offered to Members and Non Members

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Backup Service Offered to Members and Non Members

Postby Jim Diebolt » Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:05 pm

New Backup Services Offered to Members and Non Members

I just had one of our members call me with the news that he was attacked with the new ransomware virus. He had no backup of any of his CW Design Software and CNC S2M Programs so everything has been lost including every job he had on the computer.

I got to thinking of what I could do to help someone in a similar situation going forward so I came up with this idea. I purchased a Western Digital 2 TB My Cloud for storing information on a secured device for myself and others here at the forum.

Please note this service is for the design programs and CNC/S2M/Alphacam programs

This service will consist of the following procedure and options:

For a fee of $25.00 I will login to your computer and open your version of Cabnetware (Frame and Euro) that you want backed up. I will use the utility option in the CW program to backup all your files and leave a copy on your computer in the Planit folder that I will create and will be Planit/Common/Backup/Version 14 as an example.

If you want more than one version backed up it will be at an additional cost of $25.00 per CW version.

You will see how I am doing this so you can also do this on your own when you want.

I will also send these backups to my computer for storing on my 2TB Personal Cloud.

If you need the information back again and I am just downloading it to a single folder on your computer that would be at the cost of $25.00.

If you need me to restore this information through the same utility program I will do that an additional cost of $25.00 per CW version.

You will see how I am doing this so you can also do this on your own when you want.

If you want an ongoing backup service I can do it as many times as you want for the $25.00 fee per version of CW program each time.

The reason for an ongoing backup would be so any changes made to parameters would be updated. Any new jobs and parameters added since the previous backup would be updated also.

Please let me know what you think about this service and if you have any suggestions or questions.

This service is offered as an option to save you from losing everything if something happens to your computer. If you have an online backup service like I do and you do get infected with a virus it can spread to your backup also so this is just another layer of safety that I’m offering to our members.

Pricing for above explained services

25.00 Login and backup one version of CW design program (Frame and Euro will count as one)
25.00 Additional cost of each version added to backup service
25.00 Login and download your backed-up CW program(s) to a single file folder on your computer
25.00 Restore backed-up files to your CW program for each version restored

For non forum members this service will cost 40.00 for each item
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