Cabinet Vision 2021 Software For Sale-Reduced Price

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Cabinet Vision 2021 Software For Sale-Reduced Price

Post by Jim Diebolt »

One of our members is wanting to sell Cabinet Vision 2021 software

Please email me for contact information at

We are selling our Cabinet Vision software. We have the latest version, this would give you the rights to download the program, and you would have a lifetime license for this software. We do have a key (dongle) that comes with the software.
We have already paid for one full year of support and this is transferable to you as well.
Our version includes the core and cabinets base program, as well as: 2D CAD, Reporting, and Shaping. These three add ons are used for multiple things. You are also welcome to call the Cabinet Vision salesman I talked to this morning and he said he would be glad to walk you through it. Just let me know if you would like his name and number.
This lifetime license with the software we have would most likely cost about $8,000, and another $1300 for the annual support/maintenance.

We are selling ours for $4,000, and you will have a transfer fee of $1,500.00.

Once you have the software you can use it forever at no cost, however, if you want to upgrade to newer versions each year and get support from the company you will have to pay the annual support and maintenance fee. Remember, you will have one year already included.