Security Key Info After 04/30/2021

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Security Key Info After 04/30/2021

Post by Jim Diebolt »

This is a direct quote from Richard Chappell Director – ALPHACAM & CABINET VISION
"Hexagon has a policy that once a software version reaches 4 years of non-support it is “Sunset”. The licensing systems actually shut down access for that version and we have no mechanism to get it."

April 30,2021 will be the 4 year mark for this.
My concerns are if anything happens to your security key that Hexagon will not help you and you will have a program that you can never access.

I do offer a solution for this to all paid forum members.
I have a utility that will make a backup copy of your security key. The cost is free for this and if you ever need to replace your security key in the future you can have it duplicated with this backup copy. Currently that cost is $350.00 and is done by a third party not affiliated with Cabnetware Tech Forum.

This offer is for companies that have legally owned Cabnetware software and is not meant to be used on multiple computers at once.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about this