Constant Back Up of Your Cabnetware Program in Real Time is Available Now.

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Constant Back Up of Your Cabnetware Program in Real Time is Available Now.

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Are you frustrated with losing a room or job when the CW program crashes and that file is corrupted and lost forever.

Cliff Scott has a program he designed to allow you to retrieve any files, jobs or rooms lost while using Cabnetware if you have Internet access.

When the Cabnetware program crashes and loses data that you can’t retrieve after you open Cabnetware again this option will save all your files. It will back up your work in real time and if you need to do a rollback you can go back and retrieve the information. You can retrieve from the last Cabnetware save if you have Internet access.

This option also lets you do a rollback of up to 30 days for any data that was lost or deleted.

This option is a cut down version of networking computers through the Cloud. It is for running on a single or multiple computers and the cost is below.

These are a one time fee for this

450.00 For Cloud Base Operation (1 computer)

625.00 For Cloud Base Operation (2 computers)

190.00 For each additional computer

Please contact me for more information