Networking your computers through the Cloud

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Networking your computers through the Cloud

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Networking your computers through the Cloud

I would like to notify all Cabnetware Forum Members that we now have a way to network your parameters in one place and that you can use your Cabnetware program from anywhere you receive the Internet. With this option if you have Cabnetware and your security key on your computer (or computers) you have full access to all your jobs and parameters. This is a Cloud based option but requires no monthly subscription for the Cloud. With this option all your parameters are backed up in the Cloud and you don't need an Internet connection for this to work.

Here is more information about the Internet connection:
If the internet goes down you can still use CW but your jobs won’t sync up until you get a connection. So a full time connection is not necessary. But depending on low long you go without it will take longer to sync up. So if you go a day and you do a lot of changes or new jobs it might take 15 min to sync up. if you go a week it might take an hour depending on how much you add or change. If you were on a local network you wouldn’t be able to work at all if it went off line.

The cost to set this up on the first two computers is $625.00.

For each additional computer you may want to add it is $190.00.

If you are interested in this, please contact me for any questions or concerns you may have.
(909) 851-7972